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This interactive folktale "machine" was created using Flash. It was designed to support the English 8 Children's Literature course and illustrate some of the common themes that span tales told in many parts of the world. It is a fun tool where users select a culture, folktale type and motif to go to one of 64 original folktales written by former students taking the course.

If you do not see the example below, you may need to download the Flash plug-in from Macromedia.


Build a Folktale Machine

Use the Folktale Machine below to explore tales written by Rosemary Arca's Children's Literature (ENGL 8) students. About two-thirds of all the possible stories have been completed so if you get a page with no story, try again. Future students will be adding more stories until all choices are complete.

To use the machine, click on the START button below and explore the choices. You will need the Flash player to use the machine. Many browsers will already have the player installed. If you need an upgrade, it is available for free download at the Macromedia site.